Ezen az oldalon vannak a munchkinhoz hasonló, és egyéb nem gyűjtögetős kártyás játékismertetők.




Unexploded Cow
Chez Geek
Car Wars



























A FRAG! Egy számítógépes FPS játék computer nélkül, táblán játszva. A FRAG! A te játékod, ha úgy érzed, hogy az élet (munkahely, feleség gyerek, kocsi?stb.) az agyadra ment, nem bírod tovább, le kell valahol vezetned a feszültséget. A magyar verziót rendelkezésünkre bocsátotta a Hosaka Boardgame Site (linkek közt) ez úton is köszönjük a fordítást.
























Can you break into the world's toughest computer systems? In Hacker, players sail through the Net, competing to invade the most systems. The more systems you crack, the more you learn, and the easier your next target is. You can find back doors and secret phone lines, and even crash the systems your rivals are using. But be careful. There's a Secret Service Raid waiting for you!

Designed by Steve Jackson, Hacker requires guile and diplomacy. To win, you must trade favors with your fellow hackers - and get more than you give away. But jealous rivals will try to bust you. Three busts and you're out of the game!














Unexploded Cow


You and your friends have discovered two problems with a common solution: Mad Cows in England and Unexploded Bombs in France.
You've decided to bring these two powderkegs together just to see what happens. And you wouldn't say "no" to a little money on the side.
So round up your herd, march them through France, and set them loose behind the Cordon Rouge. If you're lucky you'll come home rich before Greenpeace gets hold of you.
Either way, there's something magical about blowing up cows.
Spend cash this summer using Mad Cows (which are going cheap in England) to clear fields of unexploded bombs in France (which apparently pays pretty well). Okay, but you'll have to remember to play better than all your friends, or you're just likely to lose money.
Unexploded Cow is a money game in which players are trying to collect enough points to win the Pot. On every turn you will buy Cows and pay for special effects by putting money in the Pot, then try to discover bombs with your own Cows in an effort to take money out of the Pot. All along, you will be earning points from the French as you liberate town after town from the terrors of unexploded bombs, and the player who scores the most points gets whatever's left in the Pot.
Unexploded Cow is best played as a series of short games, each of which takes about half an hour. The game is quite simple and very chaotic: you'll have a blast.




Szuper káryás játék a munchkin után a CHEZ GEEK nevű kártyajáték. Röviden arról szól, ez a szintén vicces játék, hogy jatekosok egy lakasban laknak, mondjuk ilyen jófajta egyetemista módon. És kinek ne lettek volna furcsa lakótarsai, akik nem hagyjak élni, vagy idegesitőek, vagy mindig fura emberkeket invitalnak meg...






Car Wars


Car Wars is a game of freeways of the future where the right of way goes to the biggest guns. Players choose their vehicle - complete with weapons, armor, power plants, suspension, and even body style. Then they take them out on the road... to come home as "aces", or to crash and burn. If a driver survives, his abilities improve, and he can earn money to buy bigger and better cars. Advanced rules let players design their own customized cars, trucks, and cycles.




ILLUMINATI is a tense but tongue-in-cheek game about world conquest -- not by guns and missiles, but by stealth and guile. Each player becomes one of the Illuminati, the "secret masters" trying to control the world! Build your power and wealth, taking control of groups like the FBI, the Post Office, the Nuclear Power Companies, the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, the Semiconscious Liberation Army, the Yuppies . . . yes, even the Yuppies are part of the Conspiracy!

No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to world power. The outcome is never certain until the final double-cross!